Sapphire Custom Strip Club Package

Everyone is unique and different...thank goodness. Sameness is so boring. Whether this is your first time to Las Vegas or you're a frequent visitor, you want to party the way YOU want to party! At Sapphire, we love building a unique Vegas strip club package for each one of our guests who ask us to create one-of-a-kind experiences just for them. Maybe you're celebrating closing a huge business deal. Perhaps you just scored that killer promotion and sweet corner office.

Whatever your inspiration, the good news is it gives you a reason to party with us at our gentlemen's club in Las Vegas. We've got your back. Give us all the important details below and one of our VIP Hosts will work with you to build the perfect package.

You'll work with one of our VIP coordinators to plan a perfect experience. Pricing depends on the elements of your package. We'll make your night at Sapphire a custom experience to remember