April 4, 2014

Watch UFC 172: John ‘Bones’ Jones vs. Glover Teixeira Live on PPV at Sapphire Las Vegas with Gray Maynard


Sapphire Las Vegas is looking forward to watching John ‘Bones’ Jones take on Glover Teixeira in UFC 172. Just like every UFC event held at Sapphire, the atmosphere will top that of any Sports Page or Bar in the greater Las Vegas area. Sapphire Grill lays out a spread that would make the most composed business man drool, with treats like: Wings, freshly carved meats, pastas, sausages, potatoes, and more. The best part of the food at Sapphire Las Vegas is that it’s done buffet style and seconds and thirds are encouraged. As guests fill up their plates with various delectable buffet items, Sapphire’s gorgeous cocktail waitresses will be serving up buckets of beer, perfectly mixed beverages, and shots galore. These beautiful ladies are always smiling and are the BEST at what they do. The entertainers are also incredible at what they do, have your singles ready because they will be giving $1 dances throughout the evening. Check out package options by clicking here Sapphire Las Vegas UFC.

This time the environment is going to be even better though. Why? Because infamous UFC fighter Gray Maynard will be hosting the night! Some lucky winners will not only get the chance to hang out with Gray Maynard at Sapphire Pool & Day Club in a VIP Cabana but they will also win 5 FREE tickets to the UFC 172 event that night. All you have to do to enter is head to Sapphire Day Club’s Facebook page and Like, Comment, and Share the post with Gray Maynard’s picture. For each action you do you will get 1 entry, if you do all 3, that’s 3 entries! How bad do you want to party with a UFC legend?

Aside from the awesome environment at Sapphire Las Vegas, what makes this fight so exciting? ‘Bones’ Jones hasn’t fought since September in UFC 165 against Alexander Gustafsson. The decision was very controversial but nevertheless ‘Bones’ Jones came out the victor for the 10th UFC win in a row! This fight also won Jones a company record in that this win marked his official 6th straight UFC light heavyweight title defense.

However, John ‘Bones’ Jones is up against a serious contender this time. Glover Teixeira has won his last 20 bouts in a row. This includes five decisive wins in the Octagon. He has 13 knockouts under his belt and his attitude says that he is not the least bit nervous about this UFC fight. Teixeira was quoted saying “In my mind, man, he has to worry about what I’m going to do to him”, speaking about John Jones.

Jones is the champion but Teixeira has skills. Will Teixeira be the first man in UFC to take Bones Jones out? Watch this epic fight with Sapphire Las Vegas and Gray Maynard on April 26, 2014. Sapphire has been voted Best Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas and the Best Bachelor Party in Las Vegas for the Las Vegas Review Journal’s ‘Best of Las Vegas’ competition and Sapphire Pool & Day Club won Best Day Club in Las Vegas. So enjoy UFC 172 at the BEST spots in Las Vegas and be confident that you made the right decision.


April 3, 2014

Watch the NCAA Finals Live at Sapphire Las Vegas

Final Game

The Final Four is always an exciting time for March Madness. Watching NCAA teams create upsets and push their way through to battle it out as America watches is a past-time Sapphire Las Vegas embraces. The journey to the best college basketball team in the NCAA is one that never ceases to amaze fans and the Final Four this year is no different. The first game will be the Florida Gators #1 vs. Connecticut Huskies #7. The second game is the Wisconsin Badgers #2 vs. Kentucky Wildcats #8. Sapphire plans to create an environment that is unparalleled to watch the games in Las Vegas. With a season that included the Warren Buffet’s Billionaire Bracket, which sadly had no winners quite quickly, these teams still have some tricks left up their sleeves and so does Sapphire Las Vegas.

Imagine hundreds of gorgeous women greeting you the minute you walk in Sapphire’s doors. Then picture HD TVs everywhere, no bad seat exists. Now take this dream one step further and picture gorgeous cocktail waitresses bringing you perfectly mixed drinks of your choosing along with any delicious item off of the Sapphire Grill menu. The best part? This dream can be a reality!

Sapphire Las Vegas prides itself in knowing what people want but to be honest, these March Madness games speak for themselves. Take Florida vs. Connecticut for instance. The Gators are a #1 seed while the Huskies are a #7 seed. However, Shabazz Napier was practically unguardable in his last game scoring 25 points for the win. He should still remain weary when it comes to Patrick Young who will  be in absolute ‘beastmode’ for this game. The truth is that in this Final Four showdown, Florida might be the best team in America but Connecticut has beaten them before and will not go down without a fight.

Moving on to the Kentucky Wildcats vs. Wisconsin Badgers, this should be an interesting game. Frank ‘The Tank’ Kaminsky is a serious WOW factor. He brought the team this far but in his last game he was wildly mismatched. In this game against the Badgers, Kaminsky won’t be so lucky. Players on Kentucky’s team such as Marcus Lee and Julius Randall will be up to the task. Kentucky has come this far because of their size, strength, and agility. There is no turning back now.

Watch the Connecticut Huskies the #7 seed vs. Kentucky Wildcats a #8 seed. Both teams beat out their top tier contenders in the Final Four. Now who will become the ultimate NCAA Champion? Watch with Sapphire Las Vegas. You won’t regret it! Did we mention there will be an Open Bar for the first half of the game AND a buffet? It just keeps getting better. Book your FREE limo to watch NCAA’s  Final Game by calling 702-303-3430 or just click here Sapphire Las Vegas VIP.

April 2, 2014

Sapphire Las Vegas Welcomes Interop 2014

interop_2014 (1)
Interop in Las Vegas is the ‘leading independent technology conference and expo series designed to inspire and inform the world’s IT community’. Interop has everything from educational programs, real-world demos, and live technology implementations. The point of Interop is to showcase the most powerful innovations and solutions available to IT professionals. Its incredibly impressive, but you might be asking yourself what this has to do with Sapphire Las Vegas?

The answer is simple, even IT professionals and innovators need to enjoy the BEST Las Vegas has to offer. Sapphire Las Vegas is the best! Don’t believe us? Sapphire just won the Las Vegas Review Journal’s ‘Best of Las Vegas’ competition in not one, but THREE categories. To read more about this check out Sapphire Las Vegas – Voted BEST Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas… AGAIN! The real idea behind Interop is to celebrate IT professionals and we at Sapphire Las Vegas love to celebrate!

Sapphire LV boasts hundreds of entertainers nightly. Put this together with FREE limo pick-up and with that, FREE entry and you’ve got yourself a pretty good deal, right Interop attendees? If that isn’t enough, upon entry, check-in on Foursquare and get even more great deals such as discounts on Bottle Service. When Interop is at Sapphire Las Vegas, they are VIP. If you have never been a VIP in Las Vegas, let Sapphire show you how it’s done!

Sapphire Las Vegas is open 24 hours a day. Sapphire Grill is also open all day to feed any cravings and of course the bartenders know how to quench any thirst. As for the entertainers, being that there are hundreds, Sapphire is sure to have more than a few that will blow you away. Click here for more information on the package right for you Sapphire Las Vegas VIP. To book the FREE limo pick-up just call 702-303-3430. Sapphire looks forward to hosting Interop 2014 attendees now and in the future.

March 31, 2014

Sapphire Las Vegas – Voted BEST Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas… AGAIN!


Best of Las Vegas is a competition run by the Las Vegas Review Journal to determine who has the best venues in Las Vegas, the ones that are incomparable. Locals and vacationers alike vote for their favorite spots in Las Vegas in any and all categories: restaurants, shows, art, and even gentlemen’s clubs. Sapphire Las Vegas proudly participates because this title, The Best of Las Vegas, means that everything Sapphire strives to accomplish throughout each and every year has proven successful.

This year Sapphire Las Vegas not only won Best Gentlemen’s Club but they also won Best Bachelor Party and Best Day Club. Being that Sapphire Pool & Day Club’s opening year was 2013, this is a HUGE win for them, proving that it can be more fun off the Strip. The Day Club attached to Sapphire LV is also the first and only of it’s kind. With most Day Clubs closing around 6pm, party-goers then have to fill up their time with other activities, maybe even losing their buzz. At Sapphire Pool & Day Club, when the pool closes, the party just moves to Sapphire Las Vegas. With both being winners of Best of Las Vegas now, it’s clearly the ultimate combination.

There are multiple reasons why Sapphire LV deserved to win this title and we are glad that all our guests recognized them. Aside from being the World’s Largest Gentlemen’s Club, Sapphire Las Vegas is also an instigator. An instigator of good times, unbelievable stories, and events that could never be duplicated by another club. The entertainers in Las Vegas itself are top notch but the ones at Sapphire are absolutely the Best in Las Vegas!

ALSO READ Top 5 Reasons Sapphire is Already the Best Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas.

When throwing a Bachelor Party in Las Vegas, would you want to bring the guys to a good gentlemen’s club, or the Best Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas? The answer is obvious. Sapphire makes every Bachelor feel like a VIP with options such as FREE limo pick-up, private rooms such as the elite Skyboxes, and bottle service packages such as the ‘Rockstar Package’. This is why Sapphire also won Best Bachelor Party in the Best of Las Vegas voting.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for Sapphire Las Vegas and even left reviews on their experiences as to why it was the best. This three-peat doesn’t mean Sapphire is slowing down though, expect us to maintain this title for many years to come. Visit us to see what all the fuss is about and figure out which package is right for you at Sapphire Las Vegas VIP Packages.

March 27, 2014

The Comedy Hour at Sapphire Las Vegas

Comedy 328

When we say Sapphire Las Vegas has it all, we’re not kidding. There is an incredible menu, a VIP adult pool party next door called Sapphire Pool & Day Club, the Men of Sapphire which is the sexiest Male Revue in Las Vegas, and Sapphire Comedy Hour. It’s more of a Variety Show. The Comedy Hour is held in Sapphire Las Vegas’ showroom every Friday and Saturday night. The show begins at 8pm and is followed by the Men of Sapphire. Have you ever seen a Variety/ Comedy Show in a Strip Club before? Its the perfect combination of sexy and hysterical.

When the show begins, you never know what kind of act you are going to see first. Sometimes it will begin with a pole dancing routine that  blows minds. This girl takes the pole to levels that you will only experience in The Worlds Largest Gentlemen’s Club. Then the comedy begins. The humor is always a mix of inappropriate, jaw-dropping, amusing, laugh-until-your-stomach-hurts kind of comedy. The comics have  unique styles that prove true to stand-up culture, meaning they play off of the crowd, making it interactive so that no one show is the same.

In keeping with the ‘variety’ aspect the show will take another turn. Maybe it will be the introduction of Kalani Kokonuts who dances burlesque to the  delight of the audience or some seriously entertaining magic by Chris ‘Scandal’ Randall. It could be Bizarrro eating fire or Paul Blair performing wild Hula Hoop stunts. Whomever it may be, there are beautiful entertainers that give a sexy welcome onto the stage and there is always comedy to bring the show back to a good laugh.

This weekend see many of the acts mentioned above and special guests like Playboy ‘Cyber Girl’ Chloe Crawford. Get your tickets here Sapphire Comedy Hour. Don’t miss the chance to experience this one-of-a-kind Variety Show at Las Vegas’ pride and joy, Sapphire Las Vegas. If you would like to get a chance to perform on stage come to Open Mic night every Thursday.

March 26, 2014

Thank You Nightclub & Bar Show 2014

Each year an amazing industry comes together in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas. This great event is called the Nightclub & Bar Show. This year Sapphire Las Vegas played a large part. Not only did one of our managers, Dave Wachs, speak at the convention but he also hosted a ‘Back of the House’ Tour. This tour allowed Nightclub & Bar attendees to see the parts of Sapphire Las Vegas that most people have never and will never see. The tour sold out!

In an industry as vast as the Nightclub industry, it’s rare that the professionals all end up in one location, so when they do it’s an impressive presentation. The convention included so many different components from heat lamps, to confetti blowers, to Lil John signing autographs, alcohol infused cupcakes, and mixology competitions. Sapphire displayed  some of our gorgeous entertainers, resident DJ for the Sapphire Pool & Dayclub this summer DJ Quira was on the turn tables, and there were chances for guests to receive 2 for 1 drinks or $100 off a bottle.

Today is the last day of Nightclub & Bar and we want to thank everyone who made it to Sapphire LV.  Assuming that the party isn’t over, because this is Las Vegas, we are still offering FREE limo pick-up and entry with a Nightclub & Bar badge. Come experience the World’s Largest Gentlemen’s Club and the best of Las Vegas. Packages and more information are available by clicking here Sapphire Las Vegas.

March 19, 2014

Sapphire on the Rocks


When someone mentions whiskey, do you get that warm fuzzy feeling that lets you know that everything is going to be okay? Do the names Jack, Jim, and Johnny mean more than just a guy you might have gone to high school with? If so, then you are on the same page as Sapphire Las Vegas. We have always had a respect for whiskey and now we want to share it with the world.

The best thing about whiskey is it’s ability to take any situation from zero to sixty within the first sip or gulp depending on your methods. It simply idealizes the experience a person would hope to have at Sapphire LV.

Our new packages feature whiskies to appease all appetites and budgets. The ultimate combination of course is the addition of one of our hundreds of entertainers at Sapphire Las Vegas  & a complimenting cigar. In any case, it can be said that the World’s Largest Gentlemen’s Club loves variety. So pick your poison and indulge in the finer things in life with us.

Choose from packages including Jack Daniels, Crown Royal, or Johnny Walker here Sapphire Las Vegas.

March 17, 2014

March Mayhem Takes Over Sapphire Las Vegas

March Mayhem

The biggest event surrounding College Basketball starts March 18th, Sapphire calls it March Mayhem. Sapphire Las Vegas will be showing all the basketball games live on HD screens throughout the club.  The best part is obvious, hundreds of gorgeous entertainers waiting to greet you, to keep you company during commercials and breaks, and to basically rock your world. You can’t find that at your basic Sports Bar.

Indulge in our Happy Hour every day until 6pm. That’s 50% off all drinks! It just keeps getting better for you college basketball fans in Las Vegas because we will also be offering our FREE limo pick-up. Get your buddies together, hop in our limo, and come drink discounted drinks surrounded by sexiness while you watch your favorite college team. Think of it this way, if your team loses, there is already a consolation prize waiting for you here.

Click here to book or for more information on Sapphire Las Vegas.

March 14, 2014

Sapphire Las Vegas’ Fierce Beard Contest Winner is Announced

Sapphire Las Vegas would like to thank all contestants that entered into our #FierceBeard contest. There were many incredible beards and it was a hard decision. Johny Hendricks of course remains the true bearer of the most fierce beard. However, in honor of Johny Hendricks and UFC 171, we wanted to see who could give him a run for his money. The champion was Chris Strickland for most creative entry. Chris won 5 FREE tickets to Sapphire Las Vegas’ UFC 171 event Saturday March 15, 2014. He will also enjoy VIP bottle service on the main floor of Sapphire after UFC for himself and his friends. A very close runner-up was Niko Vasquez. His beard was so great that we offered him 2 FREE tickets to our UFC 171 event as well.

More about our #FierceBeard Competition… Read More

UFC lives at Sapphire Las Vegas. Many elements come together perfectly to create the ultimate spot to watch UFC. Incredible food is available all through out the fight, gorgeous women offer $1 dances during breaks, and the fight itself is displayed on three 100 inch screens. There are also multiple HD TVs on every wall, meaning there is no bad seat in the house. So come take part in all the greatness tomorrow night. Tickets are available here Sapphire Las Vegas UFC.

March 13, 2014

St. Patrick’s Day at Sapphire Las Vegas

St. Patricks Day

Sapphire Las Vegas is more than ready for St. Patrick’s Day this Monday March 17, 2014. It’s a holiday that celebrates drinking, the color green, and the luck of the Irish. In honor of this great holiday, Sapphire will be offering multiple drink specials with mouth-watering whiskies and a ‘Sexy Shamrock’ contest to keep our guests salivating. If that isn’t enough, come to win one of many prizes including a VIP bottle experience.

Arrive Monday to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with The World’s Largest Gentlemen’s Club in a FREE limo. Walk in the door to discover hundreds of beautiful women waiting to shamrock your world. Do all of this while drinking classic St. Patrick’s Day spirits such as: Bushmills, Guinness, or the combination of both, an Irish Car Bomb.

Visit our website for package options or to book your FREE limo pick-up by clicking here Sapphire Las Vegas. It’s not a true party unless the liquor is flowing and the women are beautiful. Forget the stigma surrounding most Mondays and come party in true Irish fashion at Sapphire Las Vegas.

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