May 30, 2012

Five Best Bars on Fremont Street

So everyone knows about all the trouble you can get into on the Strip, but most tourists aren’t aware of the shenanigans that await you on Fremont Street. “Old Vegas” is a few miles north of the Strip on Las Vegas Boulevard, and it’s definitely worth the trip.  If you’re not into paying $500 at a nightclub just to have a place to sit down, Fremont Street is for you!  The drinks are cheap, the freaks are out, and you can even partake in some drunken ziplining! Not to mention, Fremont Street is also very close in proximity to Sapphire- the largest gentlemen’s club in the world (for more info, click here). Here’s a list of 5 bars on Fremont that are the best places to get nice and liquored up before wandering over to Sapphire for the nightcap of a lifetime!

The Griffin

The Griffin (image courtesy of

This little hipster hotspot is known for being the “it” bar on Fremont Street. But even if you’re not a crochet beanie and skinny jeans wearing kind of person, you can still appreciate the atmosphere inside of the Griffin. It’s kind of like the Vegas version of the inside of a log cabin: deep, rich colors and two giant fireplaces make it feel cozy and classy at the same time. The Griffin also has a jukebox (seriously) with all the indie rock music selections hipsters need for an epic night out.

Insert Coin(s)

Insert Coin(s) (image courtesy of

Insert Coin(s) combines two things that are awesome on their own (drinking and video games) for a one of a kind experience. Part bar and part arcade, the center bar alone has 14 Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 consoles (maybe a little C.O.D while you’re waiting on that drink?). Insert Coin(s) also has more than 40 classic and contemporary arcade cabinets, with everything ranging from old-school Super Mario and Mortal Kombat to new releases. The VIP booths have HDTVs to play on, and along with your choice of bottle you also get your choice of game console- essentially a gamer’s heaven!

Downtown Cocktail Room

Downtown Cocktail Room (image courtesy of

Swanky and sophisticated, the Downtown Cocktail Room is the antithesis of other bars on Fremont Street. This hidden gem features contemporary décor, red lighting (which gives the entire space an inviting glow), and an abundance of seating options- without having to pay for bottle service. The mixologists at Downtown Cocktail Room created an amazing drink menu that changes with the seasons, and it features everything from an “Orthodox Caveman” (Zucca, Cachaca, Scotch, Apertif, & Bitters) to the classic “Brandy Alexander” (Cognac, Ceme de Cacao, Cream, & Nutmeg). For those that are in the mood to forget their first name, they also offer 6 different types of absinthe. Cheers to getting white boy wasted, European style!

The Lady Silvia

The Lady Silvia (image courtesy of

This smoke-free, speakeasy style lounge is literally a breath of fresh air for Vegas. The décor was inspired by the Strahov Monastery Library in Prague, and is a welcome departure from the other bars on Fremont. Think bookshelves, black & white checkerboard floor, graffiti ceiling, antique looking furniture, TVs playing old foreign films, and chill music. In true speakeasy style, the first rule of The Lady Silvia is you don’t talk about The Lady Silvia. It doesn’t have a sign, and when you look through the glass door it actually looks like an empty office space. Be a brave soul, push open the door and walk down the dark hallway in front of you. You can thank us later.

The Beauty Bar

The Beauty Bar (image courtesy of

Originally founded in New York 10 years ago, the Beauty Bar is a welcome alternative to sports bars geared towards the male population. Although Nevada Board of Cosmetology technically prohibits the salon/bar combination, the Beauty Bar looks like a gritty version of a salon straight from the 1950’s, complete with retro hair dryers and cameo cutouts of ladies’ heads painted on the wall. They have a live DJ seven nights a week, and have a small stage outside for bands as well. Aside from the music, the best thing about this place is the cheap drinks! They have drink specials every day, but the local fave is definitely Tuesdays (who can say no to “Nickel F*cking Beer Night”?!). One word of caution: hipster haters, beware- like the Griffin, the Beauty Bar is definitely a hipster hotspot!



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Austin Dixson @ 2:38 pm


  1. I need to seriously check some of these places out! Do any of these have much of a gay scene? You should do an article about the best gay bars in las vegas.

    Comment by Jose — June 20, 2012 @ 1:17 pm

  2. I believe the Beauty Bar has a pretty awesome gay scene, but I’m not sure about the others. That’s a great idea for an article, thanks!

    Comment by Kara — June 20, 2012 @ 6:55 pm

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