February 19, 2020

Sapphire Bartender @exquisiteamariss Delivers Delectable Cocktails

We Have Another Bartender Spotlight For You! Check out the beautiful @Exquisiteamariss as she makes a delicious Sapphire Perfect Pear Fizz and a Casamigos Tequila Sunrise!


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Daisy Sapphire @ 10:06 pm

Huge Photography Convention Flashes into Las Vegas

The Wedding and Portrait Photography International Expo will focus its sights on Las Vegas February 23-27. As event photographers, you’re used to being on the outside looking in, helping your clients create and capture memories for years to come. Now’s your chance to let loose and have some fun! Get whisked away in our complimentary limo service and come be a part of the action. Sapphire Las Vegas will show you a night you will never forget, no camera required. To set up your reservation, give us a call at 702.637.0790 or chat with an associate now by clicking the red chat icon in the righthand corner of the screen.

To book a reservation or check out bottle packages, click here!

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Daisy Sapphire @ 8:09 pm

Sapphire Las Vegas Welcomes Gaming and Anime Enthusiasts

The LVL Up Expo is heading back to Las Vegas February 21-23, bringing with it an array of gamers and fandoms from all walks of life. With a wide variety of vendors, exhibits, panels, cosplayers and more, the LVL Up Expo is a thing of fantasy for attendees, and Sapphire Las Vegas knows a thing or two about fantasies. At Sapphire, you’re guaranteed to find a princess in our castle. Casual gamers, anime lovers, e-sports enthusiasts, dedicated cosplayers; whoever you may be, Sapphire Las Vegas is the best place to live out your fantasies all night long. 

For bottle packages and reservations click here.

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